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New Patients Welcome

What should you bring to the visit?

In addition to your insurance cards, here is a checklist of items to bring to make the most of your exam.

1. If you have access to a printer, bring the new patient forms #1 and #2 from the link below and have all forms filled out prior to your visit. We have additional copies in the office if you need them.

2. If you are taking any medications at all, bring them in their original bottles or write a list of the Medication, including dose and frequency of administration. You may use the medication form in the link below for your convenience.

3. If you are under 18, bring your immunization record. This can be obtained from your previous doctor or the school you are attending may have a copy.

4. Bringing a list of your concerns that you would like to have discussed at the visit will be helpful for your complete exam.

5. Bring a smile and relax. For some people, doctor visits can be very stressful. We offer a welcoming staff and we strive to provide the best healthcare for you and your family.

New Patient Forms #1 and #2 below

Record Requests

If you are a patient that would like to have you records transferred from another physician to Dr. James C. Wasson, then print out the form below. Once the form is completed, you can send it to the physician who has your records or you can bring in the form to us and we would fax it to them.

Choose: Transfer Records to Dr. James C. Wasson

If you are a current patient and would like your records transferred from Dr. James C. Wasson to another physician, then print out the form below. Once the form is completed, you can mail it to Dr. James C. Wasson.
Choose: Transfer Records to another Physician

New Patient Form #1
New Patient Registration Form 2019.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [33.2 KB]
New Patient Form #2
Medical History Form 2021.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [217.7 KB]
Financial Policy
Financial Policy.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [874.1 KB]
Transfer Records to Dr. James C. Wasson
Medical Release Form from another physic[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [109.3 KB]
Transfer Records to another Physician
Medical Release Form Dr Wasson to anothe[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [109.2 KB]

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